What is your biggest achievement?

Predictably this is going to be about my children. I have two boys, I’ve kept them alive and healthy, but I have to say that what I see is that they are growing into caring and kind humans. They are each other’s cheerleader and mine, they are fun, massive fun, they work hard but don’t take things too seriously and although there are times when I long for a peaceful life they are simply the best part of every day. Nothing else is in the same ball park.

What do you love most about your role at Monarch Education?

This is an easy one, I love the people I work with. We are a unique bunch that are all passionate about and committed to Monarch, we are proud of the company we work with, our clients and candidates and we make sure we do our best. We also know how to have fun!! The rewards and incentives are amazing, we make sure our business is an enjoyable place to be and I can genuinely say we care about our people, we will do all we can to support them to be successful in their roles but also to ensure they feel valued, support and cared about.

What do you love most about working in the education/recruitment?

I have always loved the speed, craziness and unpredictability of recruitment. One minute everything seems to be perfect and the next a curve ball is thrown in and you have to adapt and make changes quickly. From my first job (too many years ago) as an account consultant I just buzzed from placing a person into a job and making a client happy and now it’s the same things, seeing our consultants and managers being successful is the best part of the job, that’s anything from a new Candidate Care Consultant recruiting their first teacher through to the business being awarded large Multi Academy Trust contracts. There’s nothing better than seeing people around you achieving their goals.

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