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Are you beginning to think that all recruitment agencies are the same? Then STOP… We think we are different and this is why …..

Everyone that looks for a new role will look for some if not all of the following…..

Money – let’s get this one out of the way. It is the first thing everyone looks for, yet strangely never the deciding factor when it comes to the crunch. Yes, we pay you for working with us and our salaries are competitive and the bonus related roles are without thresholds and uncapped! Our Career Path for recruiters is self-promoting – if you achieve your milestones then you get the promotion. No waiting for your manager to decide or relying on an annual review.

Challenge – we have bucket loads of this available, both in the day job and if you are up for it, in other projects and new innovations. We were the first to develop and fresh and ground-breaking app and we will be the first to offer a different way of recruiting volume hires in the public sector. You’ve got an idea? We want to hear it. We love a challenge!

Career opportunities – we plan to grow very quickly over the next 5 years. With that rapid growth automatically comes new opportunities and more team leader and manager roles and of course we want to promote the people that helped us grow first.

Location – we have a strong presence across ten locations around the country and probably one near you. Why don’t you check out your nearest location?

Security – we want people to stay with us and help us grow to be the number one public sector agency. If you excel at what you do and love having great fun whilst you do it, then you are here for the duration!

Job satisfaction – every day we find people work that support and help youngsters to learn and who look after those in need of care. What’s not to love about that?

People – saved the best ‘till last. We have the greatest people working here in the industry. Down to earth, supportive, innovative, knowledgeable and often very funny! We love our candidates and clients but we love our colleagues just that little bit more.

Want to find out more? Email us your CV to and drop us a note telling us a bit more about you ….

* What you can give/offer us

* What you would like in return

* Your greatest achievement in your last role

Look forward to hearing from you…. and meeting you …… and working with you…… and promoting you….