Learning at work week is a unique annual event to recognise the importance of continual learning and development in the workplace. Here at Affinity, we are passionate about providing opportunities for staff to increase their knowledge and understanding of the business, as well as encouraging them to focus on personal growth and what strategies they can put in place to achieve their goals.


As part of our ongoing service to our staff, Affinity offer numerous training and coaching sessions, including online and team building exercises.



This year, staff at Affinity Workforce were given the opportunity to take part in business coaching with well-known psychologist, Kas Ramus. Kas runs a business called ‘InsideMind’, working with people to help them shift their mindset both personally and professionally, using simple tools and techniques to help them perform better and have a positive impact on people around them.


Divisional Operations Manager, Sophy Green and Corinna Holden, Operations Director, have taken on a course with Kas and have found the sessions very useful, allowing them to step out of their comfort zone.


Sophy said: “The process has been hugely beneficial for me, and has provided clarity in my career and personal life. I had previously been listening to podcasts and reading into personal growth online to help me achieve my goals. When I started speaking to Kas, I was struggling to join the dots and really invest or believe in the information I was being given.”



Sophy has taken part in various exercises during her sessions, to help her maximise her potential and create actions that align with her personal goals, allowing her to reassess and realise what is important to her.


She added: “Your values are the foundation to your goals, so this was a really important task. Coaching has helped me be more courageous in my decision making, stepping outside of my comfort zone. In turn, I have achieved my goals and feel confident in progressing forward with what I am working towards.”



Kas has provided Sophy and Corinna with valuable content to help them respond more mindfully to thoughts and emotions at work, providing a different outlook on how to approach difficult situations and listen effectively.


Corinna added: “The first few sessions were difficult, I don’t think anyone naturally really enjoys putting themselves out there and discussing perceived faults and vulnerabilities, especially in a professional setting, but this became much more natural and I started to really feel the benefit of some of the specific things we discussed and the ideas and outcomes we planned.”


The personal nature of the courses enabled Sophy and Corinna to really dig deep into their life and gain a new perspective about how they approach challenges at work.


“In terms of how the sessions have impacted me professionally I think that I have developed my listening skills, I have more faith in my decision making and also feel that I have a clearer vision and understanding of what I want for the business and how we will achieve it as a group. Significantly, I think that it has helped me to understand people I work with more and for those people to understand me.”