Latest jobs for Early Career Teachers


We have a range of opportunities for early career teachers (ECTs) to work in primary, secondary and special educational needs settings across the UK. Click here to explore our latest teaching vacancies. Can’t find the job you’re looking for? Get in touch with our team.


Year 1 Teacher

Birmingham, West Midlands

£130 - £150 per day

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Early Career Teacher

Blackley, Greater Manchester

£120 - £180 per day

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Are you a Early Career Teacher?

Dudley, West Midlands

£110 - £130 per day

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Reception Teacher

Saltley, West Midlands

£130 - £160 per day

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Primary School Teacher

Clevedon, Somerset

£130 - £145 per day

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Supply Teacher

Swindon, Wiltshire

£130 - £140 per day

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Maths Teacher

Hyde, Greater Manchester

£3060 - £4200 per month

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Secondary Supply Teacher

Denton, Greater Manchester

£2800 - £4000 per month

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ECT Primary Teacher


£550 - £650 per week + CPD training

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ECT Primary Teacher

Bath, Somerset

£550 - £650 per week + CPD training

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Early Career Teaching Jobs


Supply work is ideal for teachers who are at the beginning of their careers and who are unsure on what path to take. You can trial different settings, year groups and schools to better understand what would suit you. It also offers you flexibility and enables you to work around your other commitments.


We have a range of roles for ECTs including permanent work placements, long-term supply and short-term supply. So regardless of whether you want to work for a few weeks, a term, a full year or on a permanent basis, we will find the right role for you.


For Early Career Teachers seeking supply work, our consultants are ready to help you with your application process, offering immediate support with interview preparation and CV writing to ensure a seamless experience. At Monarch Education, our teams are dedicated to placing you into the right schools by getting to know you and your preferences.


Opportunities for Early Career Teachers


Many ECTs prefer to start with short term contracts so they can build their experience within local schools without any permanent commitments. Working within different schools allows the freedom to experience several classroom settings, pupil needs and culture, allowing them to select the schools they would prefer to work in on a more permanent basis.


Monarch can provide you with options:


  • Supply work. Supply work allows you to build on your experience within different school settings and to test the culture fit without a long-term commitment. This offers a flexible work arrangement as you can decide when and where to work


  • long-term roles. Long-term roles allows you to gauge if the school is the right fit for you. These positions can count towards your induction and you can gain valuable references.


Learn more about your options as an ECT

Career advice for Early Career Teachers


Getting the right work-life balance as a new teacher


Balancing professional and personal life can be challenging for many Early Career Teachers. An unhealthy healthy work-life balance contributes to poor mental health. So it’s important to find strategies to deal with everyday stressors.


5 lesson planning tips for new teachers


As a new teacher, diving heads first into lesson planning can be challenging. It can be difficult to know where to start but with the right tools, you can become a confident and prepared teacher. Here are 5 lesson planning tips for ECTs.


How to apply for your first teaching job


After qualifying as a teacher, the next step is to start applying for your first teaching position. Are you one of the many Early Career Teachers who don’t know where to start when looking for their first job? Read our guide to learn more.


Early Career Teacher FAQs


The transition from teacher training to working in a school as an Early Career Teacher is one of the most important point of an educator’s life.


Whether you’re just getting into teaching or are starting your job hunt, we’ve compiled some FAQs to provide clarity and support as you embark on this rewarding path in education.


If you still have questions about working on supply or are looking for a job in education, get in touch with our team today!


View our ECT FAQs

Why register with our ECT programme?


We give all our candidates’ access to Affinity Extra – our online discount and cashback platform. There’s hundreds of discounts and cashback offers on high street stores, supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas and attractions for you to access!


As well as discounts and cashback offers candidates also have access to wellbeing resources and free eye tests. Learn more about Affinity Extra and our discount offers by clicking here.


Candidates can log into their Affinity Extra account below:


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Affinity Academy


We’re thrilled to introduce you to Affinity Academy – our dedicated hub for learning and development. It’s designed to inspire our candidates and colleagues, helping them excel in their roles and beyond.


Our training portfolio has been thoughtfully curated to meet your needs. All candidates have access to comprehensive training modules such as Teaching Assistant Toolkits, Safeguarding Refresher Training, SEND, Primary National Curriculum, and Behaviour Toolkits.


Learn More

Monarch Education x Skills Network Partnership


Embark on an exciting journey of growth with Monarch Education and The Skills Network, part of our newly launched training initiative, Affinity Academy. Explore over 30 level 3 online learning courses that will help you upskill, reskill, and personally develop. With comprehensive support and a focus on excellence, we are dedicated to your success.


Our fully funded courses pave a seamless path for improving your skills and expanding your limits. With financial concerns out of the equation, you can focus on enhancing your expertise and perfecting your skills.


Visit the Monarch Education x Skills Network page

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Hear from our ECTs


“My recruitment consultant was Abi, who is excellent and very hard working. I am currently working in a very good school as a Supply Teacher, the work is regular. I have developed my teaching skills at Rugby High School for Girls, which is an excellent school in my opinion!”


– ECT, Monarch Manchester

“An excellent agency with dedicated and focused staff, good communication through email, phone and text. You are allocated a representative who assigns work for you and gets to know your needs.”




– ECT, Monarch Birmingham

“I have been working with Monarch Education for a couple of months, and so far so good. Good customer service and great repeat work for the days I want. I recommend this agency to people looking for work in the education sector.”



– ECT, Monarch Bristol

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