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We offer face-to-face and online tutoring, supplying high quality tutors who are passionate about providing the best outcome for their students to help them thrive. Tuition can be face-to-face (subject to local availability) or online. It can range from 1 hour per week, up to several hours per day if required.


Tuition is available for all ages, from Primary up to 25 years old for those with EHCP’s,  in a variety of subjects – mainly Maths/English/Science (KS1 – 5 and Functional Skills) as well as ESOL tuition.  Other subjects may be available on request.


Monarch Education provide tuition for:

  • Looked After/Previously Looked After Children, or those with a Social Worker
  • Children with EHCP’s not currently attending an education provision, or who attend part-time
  • Emotionally Based Non–Attenders/School Refusers
  • Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC)
  • Pupils requiring Alternative Provision
  • Any pupil who may benefit from it!

Affinity Tutors


All tuition is logged on our bespoke platform – Affinity Tutors. Online sessions take place on this platform, and face to face sessions are logged.


Affinity Tutors is our online learning platform for students of different ages and abilities across the UK. We offer tutoring to pupils from Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 4-5. Our tutors are fully qualified teachers, with up-to-date curriculum knowledge and are fully vetted. 


Click here to learn more about Affinity Tutors.


Log onto Affinity Tutors

Features of Affinity Tutors


  • Secure log-in is provided for all relevant key staff involved with the student, as well as external contacts such as Social Workers if required, to ensure multi-agency communication.
  • Attendance is tracked, and feedback logged daily.
  • 1/2 termly progress reports also provided.
  • Safeguarding report function.
  • Online sessions are recorded for Safeguarding purposes.
  • Our online classrooms are very user-friendly. Our tutors use video chat, interactive whiteboards and provide online resources.
  • Staff can communicate with Tutors through the platform.
  • All of our tutors have extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge of the curriculum, and are fully vetted with an enhanced DBS.

What our tutors say…


“I love working for Monarch as a 1:1 tutor for LAC children. I’ve worked with the company for several of years now. I work exclusively with Kim Hinchliffe, who is amazing! Kim provides me regular work at a competitive rate and she takes the time to carefully match me with my young people. Kim is compassionate, understanding, and thorough when dealing with day to day situations. I have every confidence that Kim will strive to go above and beyond for both myself and the young people. I highly recommend Monarch, particularly Kim! It is nice to feel appreciated and Kim certainly makes you feel that.”


– Nicola

“Monarch have been fantastic since I joined them in September 2023. I applied as an ESOL tutor and have had different assignments given to me from School placements to LAC centres. Most of the children have ECHPs in place and have different needs and abilities. My manager Kim Hinchliffe has been amazing! Very supportive, helpful and friendly! Any issues or concerns I have – Kim deals with them more or less instantly! I couldn’t ask for a better place of work! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a tutoring role.”




– Vicky

“I have been working with Monarch Education as a tutor since September 2019. Kim Hinchliffe has been amazing throughout this time. She has always provided me with work that suits me in every way. Kim promised me regular work when I joined and in the last four years she has always fulfilled her promise. She goes out of her way for me for which I can’t thank her enough.”







– Maulana

“I have been working as an ESOL tutor for Monarch since September 2023. Kim has  has been amazing. She’s always out of her way to find me ESOL tuition that works around my schedule. I highly recommend Monarch Education to anyone looking for ESOL/EAL tuition.”



– Michael

“I’m currently working as an ESOL tutor.  I would like to thank Monarch Education for being both supportive and approachable. Throughout my time with Monarch, I was supported at a time when I was struggling to find a suitable role according to my requirement and skills. I have found Monarch education to be honest, helpful and committed.”


– Soaida

“I’ve worked for Monarch for 4 years providing tuition for needy children and it’s been the most rewarding period of my teaching career. Kim Hinchcliffe finds good match assignments and keeps me very busy! I would recommend working with this agency to anyone. Thank you so much Monarch!”


– Denise

“I’ve worked as a one to one teacher for LAC for several years now and I love it! Kim is so supportive and always goes the extra mile for her employees and the students. She has always found me work that matches my skills and personal requirements. Very happy in my role and highly recommend this company and especially Kim who is amazing to work for.”


– Rachel

“I have started just going onto 2 months and it was the best decision I have made. Absolutely amazing hours and location considered any problems Kim is always there for you. Most highly recommended to anyone looking for a nice friendly place which allows you to be flexible so you can have a family and personal life. Thanks Kim.”



– Aisha

“I’ve been working with Kim at Monarch teaching ESOL to LAC students and the experience has been fantastic. Better than experiences I have had working for other agencies previously. Highly recommended!”





– William

What our clients say


“I would like to just take this opportunity to give some feedback on the home tuition J. has been receiving for the past few weeks. Vicky has been absolutely amazing with J. She has given J. the confidence in himself that I never ever thought he would get back and this has happened in such a short space of time which is evidence of the positive impact Vickys teaching has had. He really enjoys the lessons and we can’t thank Vicky enough for this. Just thought it was important to let you know how beneficial this learning has been to us as a family.”


Nicki Parent

“The tutor is very punctual, and there has never been an issue. She communicates very well with myself and and my son and is very understanding of his needs. She is also very professional and down to earth. The tutor works the session around how my son is feeling and I feel like he is making good progress. By having a child herself with SEND needs, this means the tutor has a vast knowledge regarding SEND. I would like to thank the tutor for her hard work and consistency, getting my son ready to go back into education and empowering him to reach his potential.”


Tara-Ann | Parent

“Danny, the tutor, communicates brilliantly with my son who has speech and language communication difficulties. He’s so patient and understanding with him. His communication with my husband and I is also brilliant. My son’s communication level has improved massively compared to when he was in school, he’s a lot calmer and more articulate. They focus a lot on discussing scenarios in my sons favourite books and this is doing wonders for his verbal skills. I just want to say how grateful we are for this service and Danny in particular.”


Kelly | Parent

“Danny is reliable and has been really supportive of the young people he has been tutoring in the home. Danny has always communicated well with the home and with myself, as the manager. He would give us daily updates of the progress of the young person. Danny adapted the session to meet the needs of the young person to ensure that they were engaged and learning. The young person has really struggled in education, however when Danny became his tutor he really started to engage. I would definitely recommend Danny and I hope to work with him again in the future.”


Sabrina | Home Manager

“Rachel, the tutor, communicates very well with my son. He thoroughly enjoys tuition time with Rachel. He has built a strong bond during his tuition sessions and always looks forward to tuition with Rachel. My son has been working at key stage 2 level. I feel he has progressed as he hasn’t attended school for 2 years. The tuition has been able to give him structure and a progressive lesson. Rachel has always been understanding towards my son’s needs and structures the lesson in accordance to his needs. We have been very fortunate to have Rachel as our tutor.”


Nazreen | Parent

“In the beginning, my son didn’t want to do anything. The tutor, Sharon, motivated him and brought out the best in him. She is a miracle worker and is very understanding of my son’s needs, always tailoring the sessions. My son enjoys working with Sharon and made massive progress. Never thought she would get him to do his GCSE’s! He is a different child and we would have never made it without Sharon. Sharon is firm but makes the lessons enjoyable. She is challenging my son all the time and he likes that. I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”


Iveta | Parent

“Emma, the tutor, has been amazing at meeting my daughter’s needs. Emma is very reliable and always has a clear plan for the session. She understands my daughter’s communication difficulties and has adapted each session to accommodate this. For the very first time my daughter is completing her homework, independently and willingly! She is reading at home (which she had all but stopped) and is full of positive energy after her session. Thank you Emma for restoring my daughter’s faith in her own abilities!”


Hayley | Parent

“The tutor, Emma, is always on time and has even stayed over her time. My son is really enjoying his lessons and it’s nice to see him be himself with Emma now that he knows her. Emma understands him and that’s the most important thing. She doesn’t rush him she works at his pace he is very comfortable with her and it’s nice to see him laughing whilst learning. I am very grateful to get Emma as our tutor. My son is himself around her and feels comfortable and he engages in his learning.”


Laura | Parent

“Clarissa has been our tutor. She is really good at communicating via email/text and calls, keeping me up to date with my daughter’s progress. My daughter has developed a very strong bond with Clarissa over this past year. She has made excellent progress under Clarissa’s guidance and has been a true asset to her learning and development. I think Clarissa was very in tune with my daughter’s mood and feelings, and very capable of adapting the sessions.”


Jacqueline | Parent

“Denise was amazing, I couldn’t have found a better tutor. She is understanding, thoughtful, caring, and communicates clearly in every aspect. My son engaged well when he settled into the routine and enjoyed the sessions. The sessions were perfectly planned to suit his needs and he has made huge progress. Everything was perfect and I would absolutely recommend her.”


Loran | Parent

“Affinity Tutors provides an excellent platform and service for both tutors and students. The online learning platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple to deliver interactive and engaging lessons. I would highly recommend them to families looking for an online tutoring service for their children.”


– Cindy | Parent

“We used Affinity Tutors this summer holiday for my daughter in Maths subject who is going into year 3. The session helped her to become more comfortable with Maths. Ms. Kay, her tutor, was very encouraging and helped her through the entire process step-by-step. I definitely recommend them.”


-Fatma Abdi | Parent

“I used Affinity Tutors to tutor year two and three children over the Summer Holidays. The platform was easy to navigate and the sessions ran smoothly where appropriate equipment was applied. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team.”




– Sauda | Parent

“This was absolutely fantastic for my 11 year old daughter over the summer holidays. Nicola our tutor, was kind, patient and incredibly helpful to my daughter who struggles with some learning issues”





– Mr & Mrs Foster | Parents

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National Tutoring Programme


We also supply tutors to support children face-to-face in schools that work with us as a partner on the National Tutoring Programme.


Schools work with us to create a bespoke tuition package, enabling them to utilise its tuition funding and provide face-to-face tuition through one-to-one or group sessions. 


As an approved tuition provider for the second year running, we are sure we can find the right tutors for your school. Tutors that will build strong relationships and support your pupils to reach their full potential.


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If you would like to hear more about our tuition services, or how you can become a tutor with Monarch Education, get in touch today.