Having recently recruited three apprentices, including Ummhaani who has given an insight into her apprenticeship, and currently recruiting for a further two, the education recruitment agency has taken a different approach to its internal recruitment.


The apprentices, who joined Monarch towards the end of 2021, are completing their Level 3 Business Administration qualification and are working across different teams to understand all functions across the business.

Attracting & Growing New Talent


The Senior Leadership Team at Monarch Education believes hiring apprentices enables the business to attract and grow new talent, develop its existing workforce, increase employee loyalty and underpins the company values.


Operations Director at Monarch Education, Corinna Holden, explained: “It’s like taking a completely blank page and growing and developing talent to what the company needs. Our new apprentices have brought freshness and newness to our teams. They have no preconceived ideas of what the world of recruitment is like, so you can develop and mould them to fit the business needs.


“I also think hiring apprentices says more about who we are as a business. We are committed to training and developing people, particularly young people, as we work in education. It underlines the value of education and what our candidates deliver every day.”

Tailored apprenticeships


Monarch Education must ensure the apprentices have the experience, exposure and support in all areas of the apprenticeship programme, but each apprentice can work within different teams and tailor the programme to their passions.


“During the onboarding process, it became apparent that some had passions for areas of the business. One of our apprentices loves data and a spreadsheet, so he is working with our data team. Although he is completing a Business Admin apprenticeship, his coursework and training are geared towards reporting and analysing data.


“It is beneficial that we can offer this opportunity. The apprentices will feel more engaged and motivated to train in areas they are passionate about and they are always eager to learn,” added Corinna.

As part of the programme, the apprentices must also complete coursework. All apprentices have allocated time, during the working day, to complete any coursework – something that not all businesses offer.


“I think it’s important to instil that work-life balance early on, so giving them time to do their coursework instead of them having to complete it at home puts them on the right foot from the start. We need to respect people’s personal time and ensure they feel valued.


“Also, by giving them time to complete coursework in the office it allows them to ask their colleagues questions or for support if they need it. That’s what we are here for.”



In addition to the ongoing training delivered by Monarch Education and the training provider, each apprentice has a mentor to offer further support. Corinna believes that this is the perfect opportunity for existing employees to develop their skills and keep them engaged within their roles.


“To allow someone to mentor an apprentice doesn’t just help them to develop their management or mentoring skills but it helps them feel more engaged because they aren’t doing the same task every day. They will benefit from feeling more fulfilled because they can see how the apprentice is developing.”

Back to Basics


Since joining Monarch Education, the apprentices have already made progress and are developing their skills. Tasks such as making a phone call and typing an email may be second nature to our employees but for an apprentice, it can be daunting.


“We have to bear in mind that working in an office is very new to them. They have never really communicated by email or phone before so it is very different to what they are used to. They are already learning and progressing their skills and it’s fabulous to see. The other day one of the senior managers did training on calling a potential candidate. They role-played the call and worked on some points. The difference between the first call and the last was unbelievable. He was in much more control and more confident.”

Building a future workforce


When asked if Corinna would recommend other employers to recruit apprentices, here’s what she had to say.


“I would highly recommend hiring an apprentice. It is an investment in time, effort and organisation but in the end, you have an individual completely shaped for the business. They are loyal because you have trained them, they are qualified because they have completed the apprenticeship and they have the skills your company needs.”


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