What was my idea of being a working mum before I became one? Did I think I’d wear power suits to do the school run? Did I think I’d join the PTA and have time to bake cakes after work? ABSOLUTELY!


What I didn’t think about was the toddler stage, the sleep deprivation, the being a single mum and keeping a house running whilst not losing my sanity. I’ll let you into a little secret…IT’S HARD!


Thanks to the home working and flexible hours that Monarch Education offers it has made life that little bit easier.

Sleep? What’s sleep?


Spinning a million different plates – being a mum, a Recruitment Consultant and running a house – whilst feeling sleep deprived is hard work. You are the one that needs to fully function after being awake all night, you need to do your job and keep a small person alive!


No one tells you that you can go a week without washing your hair and you can survive on coffee alone for 12 hours. Well, I’m telling you…Coffee should be on the 5-a-day list and working mums should have shares in dry shampoo companies!

A Day in the Life


Having multiple responsibilities means my day is hectic from start to finish; Pippa is two years old and has always been an early riser, so by 5am the coffee is brewing, and she’s had at least one tantrum, usually because Postman Pat isn’t on yet. We fall over each other trying to sort out breakfast and baths and always argue about hair brushing. I reply to emails as she’s throwing her banana at the rabbit, I make phone calls with her saying ‘Hi’ in the background (thinking that every phone call is for her – thankfully my clients and candidates know I work from home and always ask how Pippa is and if I’ve slept).


I schedule interviews around naps, mealtimes and nursery pick-ups; I prepare dinner whilst checking in with my long-term staff; I try not to look at the pile of washing up in the sink or the toys strewn over the living room floor and I share my workspace with wet wipes, Sudocrem and unopened mail. I log back on every evening to make sure the to-do list is complete and hold on to that little bit of ‘me time’ before bed.

Working for Monarch Education


I never really tell my manager that by 8am I’ve dealt with three tantrums, porridge on walls and an escapee rabbit; I tell him about the vacancy I’ve taken or the new long-term role I’ve filled. I know he understands that I’m on my fifth coffee and haven’t put my make-up on yet, but over a year and three lockdowns later I really couldn’t imagine doing any other job or working for another company.


Working life is just different now. It’s not that I have different standards or different expectations, but I now know how to work smarter. I write a list every evening for the next day, I give myself targets and I know how to get the job done without dilly-dallying, there’s just no time. Dilly dallying does not go on the to-do list.

To-do list:

  • Buy coffee
  • Drink coffee
  • Duck when food is being thrown
  • Stock up on dry shampoo
  • Practice multi-tasking (peeling carrots whilst answering the phone with your toe)
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps (we all know this doesn’t happen and will never happen)
  • Practice your happy phone voice
  • Don’t forget to feed the little person

I’ve been in this industry for over 8 years and had multiple managers but Luke, my current manager, is by far the most understanding and supportive in every aspect. He understands that my daily structure is different being a mum and being at home, so I’m never made feel pressured into having ‘power hours’ at the same time as the branch. He always asks about Pippa and never micromanages me. It’s so nice to have a manager trust me to do my job.


I do feel lucky that I work for a company that is supportive and cares about its employees and even though I work at home I don’t feel isolated. They give me the flexibility and so I don’t I have to sacrifice time with my daughter. We get to have meals together and have got a nice little routine at home.


A friend called me Supermum recently and although there are days when I don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything I secretly put on my cape and fly around the house patting myself on the back. I respect all the fellow Supermums out there, you are doing an amazing job! Now can any of you tell me how best to get jam out of my keyboard…?


Kelly Hearne
Senior Recruitment Consultant – South Wales