It’s that time again…a new school year! A time to start a fresh, learn new skills and meet new people! Returning to school in September can possibly create feelings of nervousness or anxiety. However, there is a lot of work to do both in and out of the classroom. So it’s a good idea to make sure you are prepared for every event and reduce any stress. Here are some of our top tips…


Plan ahead 

Take some time before heading back to school to prepare lesson plans and what your key objectives are at the start of the year. Planning up to 2 weeks in advance is a great way to keep on top of your workload so that you don’t fall behind. Perhaps create some ‘ice breaker’ activities for the first couple of days so that pupils can get to know you and their classmates. Use a planner or calendar to structure your day.


Set Up the classroom environment

Plan the seating arrangement and make sure all your classroom posters and displays are ready for the new school year. Have an interactive area where you can take the students away from their desks and have a variety of learning techniques. Make sure the room is bright and full of colour to keep your pupils engaged.

Get your classroom organised

When your classroom and working space is organised, your day will run a lot smoother. Organise your files and label all textbooks, workbooks and supplies and make sure you have enough classroom material. Create name tags for a your new class so you can get to know them by name and will know how to structure your tables.


Get to know your pupils

Before your first day, take the time to read through your pupil files to get to know them better. You may be introduced to new pupils this school year. Knowing them by name and making them feel comfortable on their first day will really help their confidence at a new school and help them settle in.

The day before…

Pick out your clothes and make your lunch, so you don’t have to rush in the morning of your first day. Set your alarm and try to get a good night’s sleep! If you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious try some relaxation techniques, such as meditation or yoga to make you feel calmer.


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