Tech Tools For Your Classroom


In today’s fast-paced world, technology is playing an increasingly vital role in shaping the way we educate our children. At Monarch Education, we are committed to advancing teaching and learning practices. We aim to utilise the power of technology to make education engaging and effective. Here are the top three tools that we believe every primary school teacher should have in their back pocket!


Times Table Rockstars


Mathematics lays the foundation for problem-solving and logical thinking, making it an essential subject for primary school students. However, memorizing times tables can be a daunting task for many. Enter Times Table Rockstars, a revolutionary maths program that takes the worry out of learning multiplication and division.


This tool transforms learning into an exciting game, where students become rock stars as they tackle multiplication and division challenges. The competitive edge of Times Table Rockstars motivates students to practice their times tables in a fun and engaging manner. Through personalised learning, it adapts to individual progress. It ensures every child achieves confidence and recall in multiplication and division, instilling confidence in their mathematical abilities.



English literacy is the cornerstone of effective communication, and DoodleEnglish is here to help primary school students sharpen their language skills with confidence. Designed for ages 7-13, this personalised English app is available on various devices, making it accessible to all.


DoodleEnglish offers thousands of interactive exercises encompassing comprehension, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. By exploring language in a playful and approachable manner, it nurtures a genuine love for learning in children. The app’s flexibility ensures that each student receives exercises tailored to their specific needs, promoting a deeper understanding of English language fundamentals. With DoodleEnglish, Monarch Education empowers teachers to encourage literacy skills while making the learning journey engaging and enjoyable.

Google Expeditions


Learning should extend beyond the classroom, allowing students to explore the world and experience diverse cultures. Google Expeditions offers primary school teachers an innovative tool to take their students on virtual school trips, transforming their classrooms into windows to the world.


Partnering with cultural institutions and artists worldwide, Google Expeditions strives to preserve and make art and culture accessible to anyone, anywhere. Through virtual tours, students can visit museums, historical landmarks, and natural wonders, all from the comfort of their classrooms. This tool not only enriches the learning experience but also sparks curiosity and broadens students’ horizons.

Educate & Innovate


At Monarch Education, we believe that these three tools, Times Table Rock Stars, DoodleEnglish, and Google Expeditions, demonstrate our commitment to make the most of technology for educational excellence. By integrating these tools into your classroom, you can ignite a passion for learning, boost confidence, and empower students with essential skills for the future.


Incorporating technology into teaching not only enhances student engagement but also supplies teachers with valuable resources to deliver lessons with impact. With Monarch Education’s perspective on learning innovations, we aim to create a brighter and more promising future for students, where learning knows no bounds, and the classroom becomes a place of endless exploration and growth.