Choosing the Path to Happiness


In an age where job-hopping has become the norm, finding someone who has spent 17 years with the same company is rare. Meet Becky, whose remarkable journey with Monarch Education has been nothing short of a fulfilling adventure. Becky shares her secrets to happiness at work, how the company has evolved, and her vision for the future.


Seventeen years ago, Becky made a significant decision that would lead her to Monarch Education. At the time, she was enticed by the prospect of lucrative IT recruitment roles. However, her heart led her in a different direction. She attended an interview assessment day that covered both IT and Education roles. Her affinity for education, thanks in part to her mother’s teaching background, drew her to the latter.


Monarch Education has transformed since her first days, yet some core elements remain. Initially, it was a world of relentless phone calls, with targets that pushed the team to excel. Today, communication with schools has shifted to email, and the company’s focus has pivoted towards nurturing candidates.


Becky is thrilled that the company retains its youthful spirit, with vibrant new graduates continuously joining the team. The leadership at Monarch has always been committed to encouraging a fun workplace while respecting the dedication of its employees.


Special Moments and Achievements


Becky’s journey at Monarch Education is peppered with unforgettable moments. One that stands out is when she won the top billers award, earning her a first-class train ride to London, a lavish lunch, and a generous £1000 to spend in a day. It was a day of indulgence and friendship, as she and her teammates revelled in the experience.


This celebration tradition led to more incredible adventures, including trips to Las Vegas, Paris & Ibiza where more amazing memories were made.


Yet, the most cherished moments for Becky are the enduring friendships she has formed at Monarch. These friendships extend beyond the workplace, offering a unique support system for the challenges of recruitment.

Contributing to Success

Becky’s contribution to Monarch Education’s success has been incredible. After two years, she joined the Birmingham Primary team, eventually becoming its team-leader. Over the years, she has been a source of guidance for newcomers, helping them navigate the industry’s challenges and embodying the team’s ethos of working hard while having fun.


Adapting to Industry Changes

The education industry is ever-changing, and Becky has expertly kept up with these transformations. She has developed a passion for working closely with teachers to rebuild their confidence and watch them thrive in different school environments. Her advice for newcomers is clear: prioritise your clients while remembering the importance of nurturing candidate relationships. Even as communication shifts towards email and text, she emphasises the significance of personal connections built through phone calls.


Finding joy in the journey


What Becky enjoys most about her role at Monarch Education is the ability to balance work and family life. The company’s family-oriented culture allows her to create precious memories with her two sons during the summer holidays and also the flexibility to pick them up from school. She finds joy in the constant learning opportunities her job provides and envisions her career growing in tandem with her personal life. In the future, she hopes to transition into a training or mentoring role if the opportunity arises.


Becky’s story at Monarch Education is not just about longevity in one company, but a testament to the happiness you can find in the workplace when you build meaningful relationships and adapt to industry change with a positive spirit. Her journey serves as an inspiration to all seeking happiness and success in their careers.


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