What is an Exam Invigilator?


In the UK, an invigilator’s primary task is to ensure the fairness and security of all exams. This involves supervising the entire exam process, ensuring candidates comply with rules, and preventing any cheating or misconduct with the question papers. Their role is vital in upholding the integrity of exams, guaranteeing every candidate has an equal opportunity to succeed. Exam invigilators are particularly sought after to support secondary schools when GCSEs and A-level exams approach. 


If you’re considering a role as an exam invigilator, you’re stepping into an essential part of a student’s educational journey. At Monarch Education, we understand the significance of this role and are here to guide you through what it takes to join us as an exam invigilator. 

What You’ll Do as an Exam Invigilator

Your primary role involves supporting learners during crucial exams, whether it’s in lecture theatres, classrooms, or assembly halls. Some key responsibilities include: 


  • Setting up exam venues, arranging equipment, and distributing exam papers. 
  • Assisting candidates during exams and ensuring proper procedures are followed. 
  • Escorting candidates if they need to leave the exam room temporarily. 
  • Maintaining a secure exam environment, preventing unauthorised materials or distractions. 
  • Keeping records of candidate attendance and absences. 

Work Schedule and Earnings

As an exam invigilator, your work aligns with exam seasons, offering a seasonal or on-demand work pattern. The average UK exam invigilator salary is £22,287 per year or £11.43 per hour, varying based on responsibilities and location. 


Qualifications and Experience Needed

While specific qualifications vary, training for new invigilators is essential. Courses, both online and in-person, can provide valuable skills and an edge in applications. Additionally, having GCSEs in English and Maths or equivalent qualifications can enhance your prospects. Functional Skills courses in English and Maths can serve as alternatives. 

Gaining Experience and Skills

Volunteering as an exam invigilator is a valuable way to gain experience. Prior experience in educational or instructional roles can be advantageous. Transferable skills such as teamwork and IT proficiency are highly beneficial. 


Understanding the Role and Suitability

An exam invigilator’s role involves maintaining a quiet and controlled exam environment, aiding students when needed, and ensuring exams start and finish punctually. If you’re patient, calm, and attentive, this role could be a good fit for you. 

If flexibility and supporting local schools appeal to you, consider joining us as an exam invigilator. The role offers a reliable stream of work during exam periods and can serve as a stepping stone for those aspiring to enter the education sector. 

At Monarch Education, we believe that your attentive and patient demeanour can make a significant difference in the exam hall.

Join us and be a part of promoting a supportive and fair environment for learners during this crucial phase of their education. 



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