Children’s Mental Health Week – 5th – 11th February 2024

During Children’s Mental Health Week, the collective voice of children everywhere echoes a simple plea: listen to us. At Monarch Education, we believe in championing the well-being of all students, and this week offers the perfect moment to reflect on how we can better support their mental health.

Here are ten top tips directly from school children…

1. More Talks, More Understanding: Children are asking for more conversations about mental health, not just sporadic discussions. Let’s create an environment where these conversations are a regular part of the school experience. 


2. Teacher Awareness: It’s not just about meeting deadlines; it’s about understanding when students are stressed. Teachers, your empathy matters. 


3. Positive Conversations: Let’s ensure that discussions about mental health are framed positively, promoting a culture of understanding and support. 


4. Diverse Mental Health Education: The curriculum should include various mental health topics, empowering children with knowledge to navigate their emotional well-being. 

5. Pressure-Free Help-Seeking: No child should feel pressured when reaching out for help. We must create safe spaces where seeking support is encouraged, not stigmatised. 


6. Engaging Lessons: Fun and interactive lessons can make learning about mental health accessible and enjoyable, promoting a sense of inclusion. 


7. Student Leadership: Provide opportunities for students to lead discussions on mental health, empowering them to take an active role in shaping a supportive school community. 

8. Short, Interactive Talks: Fun, brief school talks can captivate attention and make important messages about mental health accessible to all. 


9. Social Media Awareness: Educate students about the positive and negative aspects of social media, arming them with the knowledge to navigate these platforms wisely. 


10. Rounded Approach to Bullying: Addressing bullying goes beyond punishment; it involves providing emotional support and guidance to both victims and perpetrators. 

This Children’s Mental Health Week let’s strengthen the voices of our young learners. These top tips from children in the UK are a roadmap to promoting a nurturing educational environment.  


Together, let’s make a difference and ensure that every child’s voice truly matters. 


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