Introducing Monarch Manchester


At Monarch Manchester, we take pride in connecting exceptional educators with the opportunities that inspire them. Are you searching for a passionate education recruitment team in Manchester? Look no further!


Whether you’re an educator seeking your dream job or a school in search of top talent, this is your chance to learn about the people who make it all happen.


Teamwork in Action


Within our Manchester office, collaboration is not just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of our success. Our team is a tight-knit group of passionate individuals who share a common mission: to find every candidate their perfect role. We believe that education has the power to transform lives, and it all starts with the right match between educators and schools.


What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to candidates. The sense of fulfillment that comes from connecting educators with their dream positions fuels our determination to keep raising the bar.

Fun facts about the team


Meet the incredible individuals who form our Monarch Education Manchester team! Not only are they skilled recruitment consultants, they also have fascinating facts and experiences that make them unique.


Ryan- The Iron Man with a Harley and a Parrot

Meet Ryan, the man of many talents. He’s completed a half iron man and once owned a Harley Davison. He’s also a proud parrot owner.

Sam- From Marathons to TV Stardom

Sam has completed not one, not two, but five marathons! On top of that, he once got the intriguing opportunity to be on a Channel 4 dating show. With a history of living in Rome, it’s safe to say Sam’s life is an exciting journey.


Hayley- Island Life and Enzo the Dachshund

Hayley knows a thing or two about the island life, having lived in Ibiza. And her love for four-legged friends is evident in her adorable Dachshund named Enzo.


Kate- Teaching Globally and Dancing Locally

Kate’s teaching experience knows no bounds; she’s taught all around the world! She’s even gone sledging with Alan Partridge. And for a touch of flair, Kate can also line dance!

Dan- A Soccer AM Star and Sales Extraordinaire

Dan has experienced the spotlight as a former guest on Soccer AM. His journey has taken him to Australia, and he’s even earned the title of top sales consultant across an entire country for a sales company!


Megan- Rowing Champion with Football in the Family

Megan isn’t just our Talent Acquisition Partner; she’s also been a competitive rower. On top of that, her family connection is quite impressive – her dad is a professional football manager.


Sophie- The Former Police Call Handler

Sophie’s unique background includes working as a non-emergency police call handler. Her experience in high-pressure situations and helping people adds a valuable dimension to the team!

Kim- A Multitalented Musician

Kim’s not just a recruitment consultant; she’s a musician with a history in a band. And to add a touch of charm, she can speak French!


Lucy – Gymnast and Blackpool Lover

Lucy’s gymnastic past has given her a strong foundation for hard work and dedication. Her favourite place to go is Blackpool, where she used to visit every year with her grandparents, her personal heroes!


Danielle – Cardiff University and a Memorable TV Offer

Danielle spent six years in Cardiff for her university studies. What’s even more intriguing is that she was once approached to appear on the TV show “The Undateables” alongside a rugby player who had Tourette’s syndrome.

Opportunities for candidates


We are always looking for education professionals who share our passion for providing excellent support to both students and schools. Whether you are a qualified teacher, teaching assistant, learning support assistant, or nursery assistant, we have rewarding opportunities for you across greater Manchester.


Want to shape the future of education? Contact us today to explore our exciting opportunities!


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